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After being in business for many years, can you honestly say that your business has reached the heights you originally envisioned? 

Chances are that you haven’t and depending on what your goal was for your business, let’s see how you fair compared with your peers. 

Business goal success rates: 

$1m annual revenue: 3.9% 
$5m annual revenue: 0.6%
$10m annual revenue: <0.1%

If we consider that the average worth of a business is equivalent to its annual revenue (provided it’s achieving a 20% profit margin and it doesn’t have any significant assets or debts)...

Then, the stats say with 96.1% certainty that your business is valued at less than $1 million. 

Chances are that after all these years of toil and sweat, you eventually want to walk away from your business with a big fat cheque.

Perhaps you’d be happy with a million. Perhaps you want a heck of a lot more than just $1 million. 

You’ve been at this great game of business for a while now, so how on earth are you going to get that valuation back on the upward trajectory?

How are you going to smash through your invisible barriers and reach the goal you originally envisioned? 

Well, the answer lies in the old adage that goes...  

“If you’re working IN your business, then you’re not working ON it”

How would you answer if I asked you,

How much time did you spend working ON your business today”?

One hour? Less? 

Oh, and your answer can’t include things like: 

Taking phone enquiries
Booking-in jobs
Invoicing clients, etc
Why don't these count?

They aren’t business development activities. 

They all keep the doors open, but they don’t develop your business. 

No, business development activities give your business a strong foundation. A foundation that can support multiple levels of growth on top of it. 

So if those examples above aren’t business development activities, then what are? 

Taking your knowledge and turning it into SOPs
Training staff on how to operate your SOPs
Testing and iterating your procedures to improve results…

Whilst we’ve only scratched the surface with that list, hopefully you’re starting to get a better handle on why you haven’t met your goals yet. 

You will get closer and closer to your business goals as you move further away from working IN your business and closer towards working ON your business.

At this point you probably agree wholeheartedly, but… you’re thinking where do I get the time to start? 

Well, on average our clients used to work ON their business for 1 hour a week (optimistically). 

However, once they start working with Stryv, that figure expands to 5+ hours per week within the first 3 months; a 500% increase. 

And as we work with you to implement your strategic business plan, that number only increases as it becomes easier to spend more time working ON your business.  

Stryv will give you the expertise, support and accountability you need to kickstart the process. 

Stryv will help you:

Identify where to start
Course correct where necessary
Stay motivated
Incorporate systems, procedures, KPIs, plans and more

But most importantly… we’ll help you transition from being an employee of your company, into its chief executive officer (CEO). 

We’ll help you become the Captain of your ship. 

The one who plots the course and issues the orders. Delegating and course-correcting. Big picture stuff.  

You see, it’s only once you’ve made this transition (by title, actions and in mindset) that you’ll start to see dramatic results. 

If you want to become the Captain of your ship and:

  • Have happier employees… that genuinely want your business to succeed
  • Be more productive than ever… whilst loving what you do
  • Free yourself from ALL client work… whilst making more revenue than ever
  • Achieve your business goals... only to realise you should have dreamed bigger
  • Have so much fun that you never want to sell… even though offers are streaming in... 


Then you should speak to one of our business development specialists today.

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