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Do you still remember the day you decided to pull the trigger and go into business for yourself? 

You’d probably been dreaming about doing it for months, maybe years. Your partner was on board and you knew you were great at what you did. 

Whilst you’d never let anyone else see it, you could barely contain your excitement at the prospect and freedom of being your own boss. 

Armed with little more than your expertise, ambition and a business plan drawn on the back of a napkin, you took the plunge and began your entrepreneurial journey.  

Ten or more years on, your business has grown and come a long way from where you started. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. 

Over the years, your team has continually expanded and contracted in size. But you’ve struggled to get it beyond ten or more employees. Not big enough to completely free you of client work, but big enough to give you headaches. 

Whilst you’ve grown a small and tight knit team that you’re proud of, your business hasn’t quiet achieved the heights of your original vision.

Why has it been so hard to break through this invisible barrier? Is it...

Employee challenges 
Market uncertainty
Price-sensitive customers and under-cutting competitors 

The truth is, it’s all of these and many, many more.

However, it’s relatively easy to overcome all of these obstacles when you’re armed with one deceptively simple tool, that’s executed properly...

A well-researched Business and Marketing Plan, that’s been reverse-engineered to meet your specific goals with step-by-step actions.

A plan that’s more like a road-map with pre-populated navigation markers that show you what needs to be done now, and where you’re going next. One step after the other. 

A properly executed Business and Marketing Plan means no more... 

Making it up on the go. 
Starting and stopping

Just a well laid out plan that gives you the confidence and certainty to achieve your business goals. To make your original vision for your business to come to life. 

If you want your business to: 

Gain more employees than it loses… whilst getting more productivity out of them
Free you from ALL client-work… whilst making more revenue than ever
Allow you to focus on business growth… and never worry about trivial matters again
Become so fun that you never want to sell… even though offers are streaming in... 

Then you should speak to one of our strategic business planning specialists today.

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