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That’s what we tell our clients once they’re ready to start their first dedicated marketing campaign. 

No doubt that sounds a little strange, but let us explain. 

Stryv’s origins date back to 2018 as a Done For You (DFY) marketing agency. However, its founder Tye Hillam kept observing the same thing in most of its clients. 

As the marketing campaigns began hitting their stride and the number of leads for his clients increased, he noticed that the business owner’s were becoming overwhelmed with the volume of enquiries and work they were receiving. 

Sounds like a good problem to have right?…

We’ll let you decide for yourself after considering the following real-world example. 

Real-World Marketing Campaign

Introducing Client X. A mobile service-based business with three employees who predominantly served the B2C market.

We knew Client X’s numbers inside out. Better than they did. We designed it this way by setting up automated tracking of each phase of their customer’s journey: 

Google Ads
Website Visits
Phone calls
Job bookings
Invoices collected

Upon doing a deep-dive analysis of their financials over the most recent three-month period, we discovered some seriously shocking news… 

They had LOST $149,539 in revenue. 

Multiply that out by four quarters and that would be approximately $600,000 in lost revenue over a single year. Could your business afford that? 

After further investigation we discovered two culprits: 

  1. Inability of Client X to answer all of the phone calls they were receiving, and
  2. Inability of Client X to accept all jobs even when clients wanted to proceed.

What this single event showed us was, that Client X had a significant underlying issue in their business. 

  • Yes — it’s true that they needed a full-time phone operator to field phone calls, and
  • Yes — they needed more technical staff to physically perform the work.

But there was a bigger issue for Client X…

They physically couldn't hire and train, let alone manage the new staff they needed. If they tried, it would have been at the expense of the revenue-generating client work. A classic catch 22. 

You see, they didn’t have an internal plan to keep up with the external growth they were experiencing. 

The external growth was the increase of leads, enquiries and sales. Whereas internal growth goes beyond just the hiring of employees. 

Internal growth includes all of the supporting elements that actually permit the company to scale.

They were missing all of the essential elements that permit internal growth and allow a business to capitalise on external growth. They were missing: 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Hiring Plans, position agreements, fee schedules, and many more

The in-balance between the internal and external growth caused failure. 

Unfortunately, the experience of Client X was observed in several clients. And it led to a long period of reflection, research and analysis.

Tye recognised this phenomenon was not only commonplace, but rampant in the marketing industry.  And it's well known within marketing circles too.

This is the Marketing Industries Dirty Little Secret...

Rather than address the underlying problem, most marketing agencies would rather pump new clients in and out.

Any shortcomings in lost revenue or unrealised return on investment (ROI) would simply be blamed on the client's inability to handle the leads. There wouldn't be any accountability by the agency, let alone any leadership to truly help the client in-need. 

This wasn't a path that Tye could live with. 

Drawing upon his experience as an Australian Army Officer, Tye looked at the problem from a high-level and strategic point of view.

He realised that marketing was not the problem in upon itself, rather it was the sequencing of it that was to blame. If you've spent any time with Tye, you'll have heard him say; 

"Marketing an ill-prepared business is like dousing a match with kerosene; it extinguishes its potential."

This was the foundation on which Stryv was established. 

Building and setting a business’s foundations first... and only then igniting that strong pilot flame by gradually increasing the flow of fuel through marketing activities. 

When our Business Development clients are ready, we embrace them with a warm hand-shake and wholeheartedly say “Congratulations”. 

Successful marketing campaigns are only possible when they're launched off the back of a business with strong foundations. 

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If your business is ready to... take that exciting, yet precarious step, then you should speak to one of our marketing specialists today. 
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