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Our mission is to help your business grow so you can experience the wealth and freedom you desired when starting your business. This means that we are relentlessly focussed on your Return On Investment (ROI). Meaning, you put $1 in and you get $3 out (or more).

And that's because there's no point being in business unless it gives you MORE than you put into it. This is called asymmetry and it's the key to business success.


I learnt this first-hand watching my father start his own business when I was 5 years old.


Throughout my entire childhood he made sacrifices for his business and for our families future, but often at the expense of spending time with us and watching his four children grow up.


He'd put significant effort in and get similar results back. However, those results never lasted and required continual inputs of more effort to maintain the same level of results.


In this case, an input of 1 resulted in an output of 1—that's NOT asymmetry.

Thirty years on, that same business hadn't grown. He couldn't even step away from the delivery of services for clients without the loss of revenue.


If he wanted to take a holiday, recuperate or spend time with the family, it meant sacrificing income. Having freedom came at the expense of his wealth and vice-versa.


If this sounds familiar to you, then you're not alone. According to the Owner Dependence Index™, 52% of business are completely reliant on their owner to operate. On the bright side, this means there are 48% of businesses who are not. 


This is why we believe that having success in business shouldn't mean sacrificing family and the things you love. Having wealth shouldn't come at the expense of freedom.


On the contrary, they should be interdependent. Meaning one should naturally lead to the other.

This is why Stryv exists. To help you, the small business owner grow your business so you can experience both wealth and freedom.


So you can grow your business with confidence that you'll be there to watch your kids grow up and take your family on holiday's without sacrificing all the hard work that you've put into your business.


It's time to start making your business work for you—not the other way around.

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